Consulting Overview

Advancing Your Business

Do you want to improve quality, efficiency and your bottom line? Consulting services from ComStar will aid you and your company in identifying areas for improvement in quality and safety, as well as identifying missed opportunities and lost revenue. Our staff possesses decades of cumulative experience in many facets of the wireless industry. These range in scope from AT&T ND502 requirements, Sprint 2.5, general construction and wireless practices, and many other areas. These programs are designed to reduce or eliminate return trips as well as identify work commonly missed or unidentified during the bidding process.

With the demands for safety and the eyes of the regulatory agencies upon our industry, the ability of our CM staff to be the front lines for safety and quality protection is imperative. That is why we offer specific Construction Management education for “on-site” visit training regarding New Site Builds, Microwave Installation, Carrier Ads, etc. We believe that it’s one thing to train a crew to improve quality and efficiency, but it’s another to actually have the in house ability to monitor it and head off the mistakes before it arrives at the customer. We pride ourselves in having the ability to train both sides in order to create a truly winning team.

Dealing with Quality Audits, reconciling responsibilities and improving bid walks and submissions are some of the valuable services that we provide. Excessive return trips impact your financials and cost you valuable assets. Don’t just accept it as part of the business, reduce it by being proactive.

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