Site Technician I Certificate (6 Week Basic Course)

Course Curriculum

TELE 001 - Wireless Communication Fundamentals 40 hours

Introduces the student to the basic concepts, equipment, and functionality of Wireless / Cellular and RF systems. Site location considerations and closeout requirements are also discussed. Topics consist of Wireless systems including Cellular methods; Basic RF systems including simplex and duplex systems; Functionality of equipment utilized for Cellular and RF systems including radios, antennas, coaxial cables, fiber optics and related components; Difficulties associated with various communication site locations; Closeout site documentation and the submittal requirements of these items to the customer.

TELE 002 - First Aid, CPR & OSHA 30 40 hours

Familiarizes the student with basic concepts of First Aid, CPR and construction safety. Topics consist of the Red Cross Basic First Aid and CPR course including AED; Basic Construction Safety Practices, a 30 hour course required by OSHA for all crew members working in the communication industry.

TELE 003 - Site & RF Safety Training 8 hours

Provides the student with an understanding of the necessity of safety training. Topics consist of the meeting and site procedures necessary to identify, mitigate and document safety hazards; OSHA required training regarding the different types, levels and limits of RF exposure encountered in the communication industry.

TELE 005 - Connector Installation & Cable Testing 48 hours

Familiarizes the student with proper installation and testing of the various connectors on coaxial and fiber optic cables required by the Cellular industry. Topics consist of the proper techniques for fiber testing various wireless components; Use of line sweep equipment; Use of Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing equipment.

TELE 008 - Carrier Specific Requirements 16 hours

Familiarizes the student with carrier specific requirements. Topics consist of the proper construction practices required by the major cellular carriers as well as the RF fields; The construction practices of small localized cellular companies and their similarities with the major companies.

TELE 009 - Alternative Communication Systems 8 hours

Provides the student with an understanding of alternative communication systems. Topics consist of "High Power" outputs and the challenges associated with the construction and repair of "Extreme" elevated structures, generally in excess of 600'; Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS); "In - Building" and concentrated small areas of cellular communications (Microcell).

TELE 018 - Communication Site Foundations Design & Installation 24 hours

Introduces the student to site foundations. Topics to include bollards, h-frames, generator, shelter, gravity pad, turn down footing and various additional tower foundations based on Geo-Tech studies.

TELE 021 - Cabinet Sets 8 hours

Introduces the student to Radio and Power cabinets. Topics include radio/power cabinet design; Plumbing, leveling and installation.

TELE 023 - Site Grounding & Testing 16 hours

Introduces the student to tower, antenna component and coaxial cable grounding. Topics include ground trenching; Ground ring, ground rod, chem-rod and mat installation; Exothermic welding techniques and mold implementation; Common and carrier specific grounding requirements.

TELE 019 - H-Frames & Conduit 16 hours

Introduces the student to power / telco support frames and conduit. Topics include the proper design and installation of support frames; NEC conduit requirements for power, telco and fiber protection.

TELE 020 - AC/DC Voltage Testing & Battery Installation 16 hours

Introduces the student to to AC / DC Power systems. Topics include 110 volt AC and -48 volt DC systems; Installation and testing procedures; Permit requirements and regulations.

TELE 022 - Cable Routing & Support 8 hours

Introduces the student to proper cable routing and support. Topics include techniques utilized within cabinets, shelters, ice bridges and cable trays.

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