ODM Fiber Test Training

ODM’s Certified Fiber Optic Test and Inspection course is a focused, hands-on training course that provides students with the skills necessary to install, inspect, test and maintain all fiber optic systems. Through this industry-specific course,students learn fiber optic theory, international standards and the latest techniques for fiber optic connector endface analysis and cleaning, as well as reviewing industry-accepted dB insertion loss measurements, optical return measurements and OTDR principles.

ODM-certified trainers conduct group classes on-site at each company or at a location nearby. We can also make special arrangements for individual learners. Classes can be customized to each contractor’s close-out requirements and may include validation with written exams and hands-on training. Course certification remains valid for two years..

ODM Certified Training

Course Outline

  • Industry Standard Fiber Connector Inspection and Pass/Fail Analysis to IEC 61300-3-35
  • Current Fiber Optic Endface Cleaning Techniques - Dry Cleaning and Wet/Dry Cleaning Methods
  • dB Loss Measurements, Optical Return Loss Measurements and OTDR principles
  • Close-out Requirements for all current and past wireless programs.
  • Exam
  • One-hour hands-on training

$400.00 per Student. $375.00 per student if more than 10 students are in attendance.

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